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Online Language Courses (French, German, Spanish, Dutch, English) with Captain Language

  • 6 months: 310 CHF 69
  • 12 months: 570 CHF 99
  • 24 months + 6 Months Bonus: 1080 CHF 139​ Online Language Courses with Captain Language

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Online Language Courses (French, German, Spanish, Dutch, English) with Captain Language

	6 months: 310 CHF 69
	12 months: 570 CHF 99
	24 months + 6 Months Bonus: 1080 CHF 139​

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  • 5 languages to choose from  
  • Training & exercises tailored to your skill level & goals
  • Includes online test when you start + finish your lessons
  • Certificate provided upon completion
  • Lessons are online so you study when you want 24/7, where you want
  • 4 levels: beginner to advanced
  • Voucher valid for 6, 12 or 24 months (choose after pressing "Buy") of online courses for 1 language
  • FREE BONUS if you get the 24 months option: receive another 6 months free, to be used for another language or as gift for someone else. 
  • Must start all course by Apr 10, 2018
  • Captain Language works on all devices (PC, Mac, Mobile, tablets) but some features are disabled on mobile & tablets
  • Can purchase up to 5 vouchers for personal use or as gifts
  • Not valid with other offers & no cash back value
  • Courses available in beginner to advanced levels, but it's useful to have basic knowledge of the languages even for the beginner level (except for English, which has an "absolute beginner who doesn't speak 1 word" level)


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Learn a Language Online When & Where You Want
Learning a new language is tough, and scheduling is part of that toughness. Online language lessons are the ideal solution because:

  • You learn when you want, from where you want
  • You progress at the exact pace you want
  • The mistakes that happen online, stay online...(-;


Captain Language: Making Learning Fun & Engaging

Captain Language is an online language platform that uses a combination of vocabulary, grammar and comprehension exercises to help you learn new languages and/or improve your current skills.  You begin a course with a 30-min test to asses your current level & the software monitors your progress & customizes your lessons accordingly so you're constantly improving. The system is designed to be easy to use & engaging and it works if you work it.


5 Languages Available

  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Dutch
  • English


Each BuyClub voucher is valid for 1 language. The courses are available in beginner to advanced levels, but it's useful to have basic knowledge of the languages (except for English, which has an "absolute beginner" level). 


Today's Offer

Choose after pressing "Buy": 

  • 6 months courses: CHF 310 CHF 69
  • 12 months courses: CHF 570 CHF 99
  • 24 months courses + 6 months bonus (6 months bonus can be used for different language or as gift for someone else): 1080 CHF 139
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