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Total vouchers sold: 412,308
Total saved: CHF 22,575,623
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CHF 60 for CHF 120 at the Restaurant du Parc des Eaux-Vives: probably Geneva's best Terrace (Dinner Only)

Christophe R
Do they allow people to order the set menu or only à la carte (which is more expensive)?

(the Zagat link doesn't work)
Michelle B
It says on the offer that you can use 2 vouchers for 4 or more people, however it is only allowing me to purchase one in a transaction, and it won't allow me to make a second transaction. It says "You've reached the max number of purchases per person allowed for this deal." I would like to order two vouchers, can you please check on this and let me know. Many thanks.

As far as I can tell, there is no set-menu on the menu:


Due to the demand on this offer (we didn't even send out the newsletter announcement yet, and already over 30 bought), we allow only 1 voucher to be bought per person. If you want to use another voucher at your table, someone else has to buy it. Sorry...

Hon N
Got one! I am looking forward to eating there! Tigre
Frank G
Hi guys, you were lucky to be able to purchase one.
Nir, how is it possible that I got the mail announcing this deal today at 11:11 AM ?
And at 11:27 the deal was sold out.
Thank you Frank
Hi Frank,

Everyone received the email at the same time, and indeed the offer sold out in minutes.

However, the offer was online since yesterday, but due to tech issues we were only able to email about it now. So by the time the email went out, around 50 of the 100 vouchers were already sold. The other 50 went in 5 minutes. Sorry...

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