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CHF 199 instead of CHF 400 for Facial Peeling at Aesthetics: among Geneva's most respected clinics. Incl 1 chemical Milk Peel session. Get 1-4 vouchers CHF 199 instead of CHF 400 for 1 Chemical Peeling at Aesthetics

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CHF 199 instead of CHF 400 for Facial Peeling at Aesthetics: among Geneva's most respected clinics. Incl 1 chemical Milk Peel session. Get 1-4 vouchers  Photo This Deal is Over


  • Visibly improves skin appreance by removing the damaged outer skin layers, enabling your body to naturally regenerate smoother fresher skin
  • Conducted at established clinic, managed by highly qualified Doctor
  • English speaking
  • In Champel


  • Voucher valid until Nov 30 2012
  • Voucher valid for 1 session of chemical Milk Peel (CHF 400 value) + 1 consultation session
  • Get up to 4 vouchers
  • No cash back. Not valid with other offers


The 5 key things to know:

1. What 's Chemical Peeling:
Chemical Peeling visibly improves the skin appearance. It removes the damaged outer skin layers, enabling your body to naturally regenerate smoother fresher skin. More on Chemical Peeling

2. You're in reliable hands:
The treatment is conducted in a top end established clinic, by highly qualified Doctor and his team, using latest generation products.

3. Safe:
Chemical peeling is a safe & common procedure.


4. For optimum results, 4 sessions are recommended. While results are typically visible after 1 session, 4 sessions the optimum.

5. Questions
 pls contact Dr. Tenorio directly, on

Conducted at Aesthetics: highly respected clinic
Located in Champel, Aesthetics focus on high end aesthetic medicine & surgery, using latest generation technology. Aesthetics hosts 5 Doctors, and is managed by a highly qualified doctor with more than 15 years of medical training. 
Managed by highly qualified Doctor:
The clinic's director (qualified surgeon-doctor) will receive you personally to identify your skin type and optimize the treatment. The actual chemical mask will be administered by the Doctor or one of his trained assistants. The Doctor's qualifications:  

  • Swiss diploma of specialist in Plastic, Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery (FMH)  
  • Fellow of the European Board of Plastic Surgeons 
  • Member of the Swiss Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery  


What’s Chemical Peeling:
Chemical peeling improves the appearance of the skin by accelerating the natural exfoliation of the skin. It removed the outer skin layers, enabling your body to naturally regenerate new fresh skin & collagen. The new skin is smoother and fresher. More on Chemical Peeling
How the peeling is done:

  • Intro session (free): Doctor Tenorio will meet you to analyze your skin type and your desired results. 
  • Peeling session: the chemical (usually a liquid or cream) is applied to the skin for 30 seconds up to 15 minutes (depending on your skin type, the Doctor's recommendation, and more), and then removed. You may feel a little burning while the chemical is on your skin. You can leave the clinic immediately after the treatment. The peel used is “Milk Peel”, medically classified as a “superficial peel”. 

Expected Results:
Results are typically visible within 1-2 weeks from the session, already after just 1 session. Skin appears smoother, less wrinkled, and with a clear fresh-skin glow. 
Safe & common procedure:
Chemical peeling is non-evasive, and has been used by millions of people globally. The peel used is a Milk Peel, classified as a very low risk superficial peel. Your treatment will be managed by Doctor Tenorio: a highly qualified & highly experienced Doctor, who will optimize your treatment with you.


For optimum results:

  • For optimum results, 4 sessions are recommended. You can combine several vouchers for several sessions.  
  • Sun protection and hydrant cream are advised to be used between sessions.
  • You can augment the new skin & collagen regeneration by using a LED lamp treatment. Consult with Doctor Tenorio directly for more details.



Contact Doctor Tenorio directly on




Chemin Rieu 18

1208 Geneva

022 732 22 23

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